Examine horses to your satisfaction prior to bidding. All horses sold in this auction are being sold “as is, where is” by this auction company (Heritage Livestock, LLC). ANY warranty or recommendations about your purchases is entirely between the seller and buyer. Heritage Livestock, LLC is a medium between seller and buyer and NOT an agent for either one. We provide a setting for both to meet and provide marketing efforts for a sales commission only.

We expect our sellers to represent their horses
accurately and honestly and our buyers to fulfill their obligation to pay in full by close of the auction.

Any statements made from the auction block
supersede printed material.

Refusal of the final bid or “No Sale” must be declared by seller before horse leaves sale ring. Upon the horse leaving the ring all sales are final.

Heritage Livestock staff handles registration papers, applications, certificates, transfers, etc., that are turned in by the consignor and turned over to the buyer upon payment. We recommend you inspect these prior to bidding. You can ask to see them in the office.

Horses will be cared for to the best of our ability, however Heritage Livestock will not be responsible for sickness, injury or death. Care, custody, and control is buyer’s responsibility upon purchase. If you are leaving horses overnight for later pickup, please inform the office staff so arrangements can be made for the horses to be fed and watered sale night.

We specifically demand only adults and registered
buyers are on the grounds of Parsons Livestock. DO
NOT let children run free, DO NOT bring dogs or other pets onto the premises. You are entering the premises at your own risk to attend a horse auction ... horses are dangerous and unpredictable animals. There is no place either in the stockyards or in the sales arena where children or pets are allowed.

By entering the grounds of the auction, you accept full individual responsibility for risk of the possibility of contracting COVID-19 (the Novel Coronavirus). We ask that all attendees adhere to CDC social distancing guidelines. We’ve offered and encouraged the use of on-line bidding.